Our History

STARC4SYS entered the Romanian market in 2013. In 2015, STARC4SYS joined the Association of Romanian Defense Producers - PATROMIL - the main technical consultant for national, regional and international decision makers for the Romanian Defense Industry.

Since the activity was started, the company provided professional communications, information systems and services for a wide range of clients, mostly governmental authorities and agencies.

We provide services based on great expertise in communications field, as for example networking, computing, telecom and defense market.

Our strenghts consist both in employees and collaborators: highly qualified IT&C specialists.


Our values are the key of our success in all these 10 years of activity, values that we respect carefully and guide continuously to ensure the professionalism and seriosity to our clients and partners.

Dedication to our customers - Client Focus is a value shared by everyone who works in our company, whatever their role is, in order to fully satisfy all of our clients needs.

Experience - During these 10 years of activity, we have acquired one of the most valuable assets, reaching to develop our own rigorous methodologies and capabilities that highlight us in front of the most complex projects.

Innovation - Always occupying a main place in our development strategy, through innovation we have managed to develop our areas of competence and the range of services offered, enthusiastically accepting any challenge.

Ambition - We always approach an optimistic attitude and mobilize our powers to complete everything we set out to do, with consistency and determination.

Integrity - Confidence is gained over time. We keep our word when we make a commitment and are transparent in communicating with our customers and partners.

Responsibility - Correctness, analytical attitude and assumption of all decisions and obligations are characteristic of each member of our team.


Most of our employees are former military personnel with high expertise in engineering, telecommunications, IT, etc.

All of our employees have security clearance, which allows us to work on classified projects.


MITEL Platinum Partner Certification


State Office for Inventions and Trademarks


Authorization for technologies, equipment and software within the information and communications infrastructures of national interest and 5G networks





ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 27001

ISO 45001

ANPM Batteries

ANPM Electrical equipments

IGSU Signalling Systems Installation

IGSU Signalling Systems Design

IGSU Fire Extinguishing Systems Design

IGSU Ventilation Systems Design

Security systems

Romanian Office for Copyright


The main STARC4SYS customers are:

  • MoD (Ministry of Defense)
  • MoI (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
    • IGPF (Romanian Border Police)
    • IGJR (Romanian Gendarmerie)
    • IGPR (Romanian Police)
    • DGPI (General Direction of Internal Protection)
  • SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service)
  • STS (Special Telecommunications Service)
  • SPP (Romanian Protection and Guard Service)
  • DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate)
  • ANCOM (National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications)
  • Ministry of Transportation
    • ISCTR (State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control)
    • RAR (Romanian Auto Registry)
  • Presidential Administration
  • other agencies and governmental entities
  • NUCLEARELECTRICA National Company
  • territorial administrative units
    • Pitești City Hall
    • Buzău City Hall
    • Giurgiu City Hall
    • Mioveni Town Hall
    • Lugoj Town Hall
    • Mioveni Town Hall


STARC4SYS has developed meaningful partnerships with worldwide leaders in telecommunications field:

1. Communications:

  • RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems (Israel)
  • MITEL Networks Corporation (USA)
  • AVIAT Networks (USA)

2. COMINT & Spectrum monitoring:

  • COMMTECH - an SPX technologies platform TCI & ECS (USA)
  • KEYSIGHT Technologies (USA)
  • H TEST A S (Czech Republic)

3. UAV:

  • RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems (Israel)

4. Live fire and simulation weapons training systems:

  • InVeris Training Solutions (USA)