Rafael successfully demonstrated the BNET system in Romania

Israeli company Rafael successfully conducted a comprehensive demonstration of its BNET Advanced Tactical Communication System for Romanian special forces, intelligence units, and other official government services in May 2023. This significant event, held in collaboration with local partner STARC4SYS SRL, showcased the exceptional capabilities of Rafael's BNET in a variety of scenarios, illustrating its effectiveness in complex operational environments.

The demonstration encompassed combat simulations in diverse arenas, including urban settings both above and below ground, as well as open terrain. Rafael effectively showcased how the BNET tactical communication solution enables real-time battle management, information gathering, and navigation in GPS-denied environments and other complex battle scenarios. The event attendees consisted of official delegations from specialized fields, including technology operators and decision-makers responsible for planning and executing highly demanding operations with minimal setup. The advanced features of BNET highlighted the system’s ability to provide decision-makers and operators with a distinct advantage in dynamic battlefield scenarios while ensuring mission success.

In dynamic operational environments, swift and effective responses to challenges are paramount for state-owned forces. BNET demonstrated unparalleled throughput, facilitating robust simultaneous video feeds with restricted and secure reception for key personnel. The seamless integration with legacy systems allowed for the sharing of live pictures and special applications, enhancing situational awareness.

“The ability to accurately position all forces in real-time, even in GPS-denied areas, has revealed the immense potential of our tactical communication systems,” said Mr. Cristian Ghimfus, General Director at STARC4SYS SRL. “This demonstration undeniably provides government forces with a significant advantage not only in the present battle but also in future conflicts. We are thrilled to continue expanding the operational capabilities of our esteemed clients.”

Gil Volkovizki, Marketing Director at Rafael, said that by continually pushing boundaries, BNET has proven its ability to equip state-owned forces with the necessary tools to stay ahead in today’s fight and tomorrow’s battles. The operational demonstration garnered positive feedback from participants, reaffirming the outstanding performance and reliability of Rafael’s tactical BNET communication systems. Rafael’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and close collaboration with end-users ensures that their solutions remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the defense industry.

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Image: Rafael

Rafael has developed the BNET family, which has been a globally field-proven Broadband IP Software Defined Radio solution for tactical operations on both Air and Land platforms since 2014. It addresses the challenges of the battlefield, such as limited spectrum, communication with autonomous systems, and connecting multiple sensors and shooters.

The BNET is a Spectrum-Aware SDR, cognitively utilizing the spectral arena of the battlefield to the fullest. The system has already been used in the battlefield, proving its capability and ability to connect to multiple types of networks and BMS, demonstrating its modular capability and open architecture critical for a system of this type.

The BNET is enhanced with a patented technology called Multi-frequency Channel Reception (MCR), which allows it to receive and analyze information from hundreds of frequency channels simultaneously, using a single RF head. This enables a network rate of 100Mbps while facilitating the formation of a single “flat” network that can scale up to thousands of radios.

The BNET is a full IP Radio, enabling seamless interoperability with other radios and IP-based applications. According to the Israeli company, BNET eliminates network bottlenecks as it constitutes a single unified logical group without the need for gateways. Additional advantages include automatic and dynamic spectrum allocation, avoiding the need for manual intervention by the battalion’s Signal Officer, and utilizing accessible spectrum to its fullest extent.

Rafael states that BNET’s ultra-fast network merge-and-heal capability, responding in seconds rather than minutes, greatly reduces the risks associated with a lack of basic communication, thereby reducing the risk of “friendly fire”. All of this is managed and controlled easily and remotely through Rafael’s Network Management System (RNMS), a powerful software solution for planning, monitoring, and controlling the BNET network.

The BNET serves as the main communication system for the Israeli Air Force (IAF) existing and future platforms.